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3D Swing Flame

Each Enkinddle flameless candle cast a soft, yet vibrant flow that is perfect for a wide range of activities. Its unprecedented performance combined with our patented 3D swing flame design allow you and your guest to truly enjoy an authentic illuminated candle-lit environment.

True Form + Exquisite Function 

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For Calm, Alluring & Safe Environments



elegant candles lit at night

Safe, Smart & Beautiful

Candle light is beautiful when it is in a safe, controlled space. Since LED candles are battery-operated, they remove the dangers associated with traditional ones. The risk of accidental fires, burn injuries, and indoor pollution are replaced by Enkinddle’s worry-free lighting solutions. Now, everyone, from children to senior citizens, can enjoy the simple pleasure of a candle-lit rooms.

A Most Authentic Candle

Enkinddle candles are perfect for the creation of the most authentic and safe candle-lit ambiance for restaurants, weddings, festive and religious functions. Big savings can be realised from expenses related to candles replacements and messy clean ups.

candles on garden
two candles on living room
candles placed on altar
candles placed near the edge of the lake

Unique and Sensational LED Wax Candle Design

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